Fat Burning Supplements: Watch Out for and Avoid These Ingredients

Fat Burning Supplements: Watch Out for and Avoid These Ingredients - Absolute Supps M.D.

Getting the perfect body is at the top of many people's minds and they'll do whatever it takes to achieve results. In fact, 15 percent of American adults have used a weight-loss supplement to try to shed pounds. 

Although fat burner supplements may seem like a fast fix, they can be harmful if you choose the wrong one. You need to be careful about understanding the ingredients in fat-burning supplements. Some common ingredients can be dangerous, and lead to serious health problems. 

If you are looking to try fat-burning supplements, you've come to the right place. We'll review the ingredients you should avoid so you can stay safe while losing weight. 

A History of Weight-Loss Supplements 

Weight loss supplements have been around for centuries. Early forms of these supplements were often made from natural ingredients like herbs. 

Today, there are countless fat burner supplements on the market. Many of these supplements use synthetic ingredients instead of natural fat burners. 

The Problem With Some Fat-Burning Supplements

Certain fat-burning supplement ingredients can be detrimental to your health. For example, some supplements may contain stimulants that can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Others may contain diuretics that can lead to dehydration. 

There can be other issues with certain supplement ingredients too. For example, some supplements may interact with other medications you are taking. 

Before taking a weight loss supplement, you should check the label thoroughly. Be sure to know what ingredients you are taking before ingesting them. Always choose a supplement that is high-quality and has been third party tested


There's been a lot of talk lately about synephrine, a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Some people claim that synephrine is a "miracle" weight loss ingredient. Others claim that it's dangerous and that you should avoid it at all costs. 

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of scientific evidence to support either claim. This ingredient is a stimulant. Like all stimulants, they can have some potentially dangerous side effects. 

For example, synephrine can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. If you have a heart condition, synephrine can be dangerous. It can also cause nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

If you're healthy and have no heart conditions, you may be able to take this supplement without any issues. If you're not sure, it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid it altogether.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid 

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of fat that you can find in beef and dairy products. Some people think that CLA can help with weight loss, but there is no real evidence to support this claim. In fact, CLA could cause some negative health effects, like an increased risk of cancer.

There are other reasons why you should keep this supplement out of your body. CLA can promote inflammation. This can lead to many health problems, including heart disease and arthritis. 

CLA can also interfere with the bodys ability to absorb other nutrients. If you take CLA, you may miss out on the benefits of important vitamins and minerals.


Higenamine is an herb seen in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is also found in a variety of other plants, including aconite, lotus, and mahuang. 

This plant has a variety of effects on the body. Ingesting this can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. 

While higenamine has some potential benefits, it also has several serious side effects. For example, higenamine can cause arrhythmias, heart attacks, and strokes. 

Higenamine is also a stimulant. This means that it increases the risk of anxiety, insomnia, and other problems.

Given the serious risks associated with higenamine, it is best to avoid this herb. 

Ephedra Nevadensis 

Ephedra nevadensis is another plant people have used for centuries for medicinal purposes. However, recent studies have shown that it can have serious side effects.

One of the main active ingredients in ephedra nevadensis is ephedrine. This substance can stimulate the nervous system, and cause the heart to work too hard. 

While these effects can be beneficial in some situations, they can also be dangerous. Ephedra nevadensis can interact with other medications, such as antidepressants. This plant can also cause other serious conditions like stroke and heart attacks. 

Exogenous Ketones

There is a lot of hype surrounding exogenous ketones, but there is also a lot of misinformation. Some people claim that exogenous ketones are a miracle cure for weight loss. The truth is that there are some potential risks associated with their use.

One of the biggest risks is that exogenous ketones can disrupt your body's natural ketosis. A body that is in ketosis burns fat for energy. When you introduce exogenous ketones, your body will start to burn them for energy instead of fat.

Another risk is that exogenous ketones can cause dehydration. This is because they cause your body to excrete more water than usual.

Finally, exogenous ketones can also be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. If you have diabetes, exogenous ketones can cause your blood sugar to drop too low, which can be life-threatening. 

Not All Supplements Are Bad News

If you are wanting to try fat-burning supplements, make sure you choose a high-quality one. There are many natural fat burners on the market that are equally as effective as synthetic ones. 

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Check out our full line of supplements to find your perfect match today. 

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