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Hi I'm Taylor Gartenmayer and I was born January 7th 1998, in Miami Florida. I am a personal trainer and NPC competitor. I have a great support system that always encourages me to work hard and chase my dreams.

I have always been active, I did karate, soccer, cheerleading and dance as a child. In 2017 I started working at a gym and that started my fitness journey. In 2019 I competed for the first time as a bikini competitor and then after two shows I decided to switch to wellness and just competed at the Arnold amateur this year winning first in my class. Now I am working towards my next show and my pro card.

When I am not training clients or working out I like to spend time with my favorite person which is my niece Alexis Beall. I want to be a good role model for her and show her that she can follow her passion and if she sets her mind to something she can do anything she wants.

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